• Young Voices will tell the world
  • Young Voices will tell the world
  • Young Voices will tell the world
  • Young Voices will tell the world
  • Young Voices will tell the world


  • David Sinigaglia

    Chairman of the Board

    About David Sinigaglia

    Mr. David Sinigaglia
    Chairman of the Board – Young Voices
    Chairman, Managing Director and CEO
    Of Matmon Enterprises LLC

    • 50 years of business experience in the establishment and management of international companies in Israel, Europe and the USA. 
    • Founded the first 2 high-tech plants in Yokneam, Israel 
    • Employed over 10,000 workers in Israel, Europe and the USA. 
    • Managed investment banks in New York, England, Germany and Israel. 
    • Studied industrial engineering, business management and economics. 
    • Development and the inculcation of organizational culture. 
    • Returned to Israel 7 years ago and built his home in Meitar, in the Negev.

  • Oded Klein

    CEO of Young Voices

    About Oded Klein

    Oded Klein
    CEO of Young Voices

    • B.Ed in Physical Education, Master in Public Policy.
    • Former Manager of a Community Center in Holon, Israel.
    • Head of Students Exchange Program via Twin Cities Program. 
    • Strong connections with Germany, U.S.A, U.K and other countries, regarding youth exchange programs.
    • 20 years of community work with children
    • Now serving as a Business consultant for commercial real estate and shopping malls in Israel. 

  • Dr. Leon Rosky

    Board Member

    About Dr. Leon Rosky

    Dr. Leon Rosky
    Board Member – Young Voices

    • 50 years as a certified family physician both in the US and Israel. 
    • Former co-owner and medical director of a medical laboratory in Flint, Michigan
    • Former Post Medical Officer, U.S. Embassy, Tel Aviv, Israel
    • Years of experience in business.
    • Served as President of Optimizer, Inc., a startup company with patents for fuel economy in automobiles and trucks.
    • Has been active in finding, investigating, and helping with the funding of companies both new and established and especially in the biomedical area.

  • Amos Fabian

    Treasurer of Young Voices

    About Amos Fabian

    Amos Fabian
    Treasurer of Young Voices

    • Business Development Manager at the Israel-America Chamber of Commerce.
    • B.A. in journalism and political science from San Jose State University in California 
    • M.A. in political science from the IDC in Herzliya, Israel. 
    • Former reporter and editor for newspapers in California, Georgia and Israel.

  • Noah Ehrlich

    Board Member Young Voices

    About Noah Ehrlich

    Noah Ehrlich - Board Member Young Voices

    • Thirty years experience in corporate management, corporate finance, economics, water treatment and agrochemicals.
    • Various management positions in the Dead Sea Bromine Group [DSBG], both in Israel and the USA . Served as finance manager, marketing manager, strategic unit manager in Israel and CEO of a chemical company and CEO of another marketing company, both were US subsidiaries of DSBG. Served as a global resources manager at Teva Inc., chemical division and served as CEO of Arkal Filtration systems, Israel . Presently consulting with several small Israeli companies, to export their products to North America .
    • MBA finance and international trade, California State University Northridge.
    • BA in economics, Hebrew University , Jerusalem .

  • Judy Berkovitz

    Board Member Young Voices

    About Judy Berkovitz

    Judy Berkovitz - Board Member Young Voices

    • Medical/Business Administration degree.
    • Former Director of Greater Las Vegas Jewish National Fund.
    • Former business manager at NJ O&P (pediatric orthopedic brace clinics).
    • Years of experience in fundraising, outreach, community growth and business management.

  • Hedva Shaked

    Board Member

    About Hedva Shaked

    Hedva Shaked - Board Member

    • Councilmember, municipality of Meitar in the Negev.
    • Owner and CEO of a real estate company that manages and consults on real estate projects 
    • Completing a B.A. in Public Policy and Administration from the Open University

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  • Joshua Archey, San Antonio, Texas, USA.

    "This publication will cross borders and cultures, creating new friendships and connections between children all over the world"

  • Joel Dobry, Ivory Coast.

    "Writing helped me express my ideas about the world, especially my interest in science and nature"

  • Sam Silver, Young Voices Founder, The Man in Green

    "Celebrate differences and overcome distances"

"If you want to make a difference and create understanding, you should start with the children."

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